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Christoph Kanzler: When you tell your business story, who is the hero in your tale?

Christoph Kanzler is a financial strategic visionary through and through. Working in the finance industry for 27 years and as a corporate speaker for six, Christoph is passionate about empowering people with knowledge to move them forward.

His time in finance made him realise that people don’t know very much about stock markets and business end of this somewhat complex topic. So, he started a program called ‘The school of Markets’ where he addresses organisations tied to this industry, in plain and simple language about this topic and putting the customer at the heart of it, and as a result these companies’ sales and solutions perform better.

In addition, Christoph aims to impart on these organisations, and in fact any company dealing with customers, the basis that business is about people and not about products and sales. All too well we’ve seen organisations positioning themselves as the hero, when actually the customer should always be the hero in the story.

The minute businesses change the perspective in their narrative and share their solutions through storytelling in language that is understandable to all but also professional, great things can happen.

Christoph is particularly passionate about sharing his knowledge after seeing the devastating impact the Coronavirus has on companies. Scores of places have closed down and thousand laid off over that year. His own personal discovery is how one can never take life for granted, but at the same time he was intrigued by the resilience shown by his society in Berlin, and how they adapted to this new way of living.

He recalls how he used to hop on a plane to attend an hour long meeting across borders, something that we’d never dream of doing now. Zoom meetings have levelled up our global reach and allows us the time to see as many people are we’re willing to see in one day giving great opportunity to scale business as needed.

Christoph reckons that the years ahead will be met with more conscious capitalism – a free market where people are forced to innovate, be dexterous and solutions driven. At the same time he recommends that people seek to create businesses and that speakers focus on topics that will help people coming out of the trauma of Covid-19. Whether it be business or personal, rebuilding and resilience is a big key to working towards a better future for all.

Christoph speaks at this year’s Innovation in Speaking (UN) Conference on ‘Innovation by simplifying: Talking People instead of Talking Finance’. He enables people and businesses to prosper and is an advocate of business models in which people and customers are the focus. Profit must not be everything, but without profit everything is nothing. Christoph shows people their chances of profiting from their own investments and speaks a language that emphasises general comprehensibility and urgency. His goal is not only to impart knowledge, but above all to change the lives of his audience.

Get your tickets for the Innovation in Speaking (UN) Conference from 9-12 April here!

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