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Danish Dhamani’s speaker journey brings us FIVE new tech tools for your speaker tool kit…

Danish Dhamani is the CEO and Co-founder of Orai, a public speaking app that has helped over 300,000 people speak more clearly and confidently with AI feedback.

Growing up, Danish has always dreamed of giving a TED talk on a big stage some day and that dream was soon realized in 2017 when he was given the opportunity to deliver a TEDx talk. Prior to this, the prospect of him possibly addressing a large audience confidently was a daunting thought for Danish.

Danish points out that there is no finish line to being a good public speaker. One is constantly learning, evolving, and improving, and he says to this day he is still actively taking steps to master his craft and embrace any given learning opportunity.

He says one of his earliest memories being in a professional speaking setting was at a two-day speaking workshop organized by Mandel Communications. This, according to Danish, was his first steppingstone towards learning and fully understanding what it means to be a confident and capable speaker.

The year 2020 was a gamechanger for everybody, and it is safe to say that nobody was an exception to the impact that COVID had on people and businesses. For Danish personally and his team, it was a time of having very little hope, feeling defeated and understanding that it was okay for them to feel that way at that time.

But, moving forward, Danish honed his efforts and business decisions to create new opportunities for financial freedom. He has also dedicated his time to acquiring new skills which will aid him in self-empowerment and possibly diversify his income streams.

In closing, Danish encourages and reminds us that you can learn anything you want, and it is advisable that you use every resource at your disposal to learn something new and to upskill yourself. However, you first have to learn and master a way of learning that is effective and beneficial to you.

Danish will be talking at this year’s Innovation in Speaking Conference, where he will be delving into what attendees can expect to learn from his 'Five NEW Tech Tools for Your Speaker Tool Kit' talk, and you want to be part of that audience! Get your tickets for the Innovation in Speaking (UN) Conference from 9-12 April here!

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