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Dr. Monika Hein on Making the World a Better Sounding place

Dr. Monika Hein is no stranger to the stage. Having grown up with both parents as musicians, her stage time started with singing from a young age. Here her love for the voice was born. She spent two years in musical theatre training, and from this extended her studies to phonetics and speech pathology. Today, she has combined her love of stage and voice – as a coach and trainer with an ever-important message, that we can use our voices to make the world a better sounding place.

Can we make the world a better sounding place?

Next time you’re on the train or in the park, listen carefully… what do you hear in people’s voices? Are the voices tense, are some carrying aggression, division or maybe even conflict?

Monika explains that the voice is ‘energy’ and if we take the time to learn about our own voices and how best to use them, then the world will sound a lot nicer. When you consider that the voice is the ‘end-result’ of what is going on inside your mind, controlling it starts with taking care of your own energy.

How important should this voice awareness be for leaders and for professional speakers who need to bring passionate and polished speeches to their audiences?

In todays world, it is critical. The uncertainty of the global pandemic has put extra stress and duress on every single one of us, if we can deal with the voice within, we can control the voice outside.

Can I speak to myself in a caring and empathic way?

It starts here. As leaders and speakers we need to choose our voices wisely.

Monika has spent the last year transitioning her face-to-face engagements to create opportunities on the ‘virtual’ stage so that she can bring her expertise to people across the world. She believes that the digital shift has created a plethora of possibilities to connect with like-minded opportunity thinkers. She aims to empower and be empowered by others in order to go to new heights during the ‘new normal.’

As a member of the German Speakers Association (GSA) she has worked with others in her own speaker community to learn from, and support her colleagues. She believes this connection was a gamechanger for adapting her business model to the online world.

Monika joins the movement for building speaker connections and development at this year’s Innovation in Speaking (UN)Conference to bring her invaluable insights to the speaker community.

By joining her talk How to effectively ruin your voice in your online meetings (not) you can expect to learn invaluable lessons about your voice.

Get ready to discover how to avoid a hoarse and tired voice. How to use your instrument properly and how to take care of your vocal chords. She will also be touching a bit on technology tips and techniques to use your body as an instrument so you can talk for ages.

Monika has a top tip for all speakers during these times:

Make the camera your friend, do not be afraid of it! Perform for it instead of hiding away. Treat it as something special – send all your voice and energy into it to keep your virtual audience actively engaged.

Join Monika at the Innovation in Speaking (UN)conference from 9-12 April. Get your tickets here!

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