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Free up time to focus on your speaking!

Angela's contribution to this year's Innovation in Speaking Conference is entitled Stop Running to the Well. No matter how shiny your product or service is, without a steady stream of clients, your business is as dead as a lump of coal. But getting those prized clients takes time. And while we all have the same number of hours in a day, we don’t all have the same sized vision. What do you do if your dream business demands more than the number of hours you have in a day? And you want to avoid burnout? Or the big expense of a large team? Streamline your processes to leverage your time. You employ automation principles to work on your behalf to find, attract, qualify and convert the steady flow of ideal buyers you need to grow your business. That’s what this talk is about. It will help you to stop running to the well to get new clients. It will keep the foot-flow coming to keep cash flowing into your business. This talk will show you how. You will discover how to build, connect, test, and grow a marketing and sales pipeline that consistently works for you around the clock. It will: Create awareness of your product or service Attract unlimited leads Prospect those leads for you Convert quality leads into clients Turn clients into repeat buyers Max your profits with an inbuilt referral system, plus more. If you want to build a successful business and avoid burnout or the expense of a large team then you need to automate your business now. Find out how by attending Stop Running to the Well. Find out more about Angela De Souza here.

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