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Indre Blauzdziunaite: Opening your mind to the possibilities of post-pandemic events

Events as we know and have attended for the most of our professional lives have been tipped on the head. As an attendee of one of these new digital or hybrid conferences or events, we’re not always sure what to expect. But, as an event organiser you still need to make sure all boxes are ticked and eventualities (newer technological ones) have been planned for even if this event is no longer in-person.

Indre Blauzdziunaite, quite coincidentally landed a job in creative events about 10 years ago, a much better suit for her than the initial advertising career she originally envisioned. Now a strategist in creating sustainable events, Indre found herself at a new point in her life close to a year ago. She had just set out on her consulting when the Coronavirus hit, and since then the playing field for creating sustainable events, and events that capture the imagination and heart of their home-audience, has been on every event organisers mind.

According to Indre, 2020 taught us to be agile, not only in our personal capacity, but in our professional lives as well. Flexibility and adaptability is a big factor in making success of the new paradox we find ourselves in and the uncertainty that still follows in the next year to come until the pandemic is under control. She’s also noted how, despite the distance, more people are learning to form connections digitally. Even for her during a year of limited contact, she still managed to find people who impact and inspire her.

It’s funny to think that last year this time online and hybrid eventing was still very new, with very do’s and don’ts to guide – and now we could likely publish a handbook with learnings just in the last year. Indre envisions that this new model of eventing will continue - there are many positives that have come from it in terms of cost reduction and access on a global level. However, she feels this structure may still change as we move into another new normal; much of the events and conferences will remain online but smaller break-away gatherings that form part of the bigger whole. These satellite locations of events will satisfy that need for human connection and facilitate networking.

Indre shares her eventing experience at this year’s Innovation in Speaking (UN)Conference. Her topic ‘Human, honesty and humor - a blueprint to master conferences in 2030’ will see her speaking about the changing trends of conferences for organisers, speakers and attendees. She will unpack what their mindset is, how to compete with the distractions of a home audience, and how to still make that valuable human connection during your event with them. Her views on moving from massive in-person conferences to boutique events means that a copy and paste formula can no longer be followed, but rather a strategic assessment of the project needs to be considered to ensure success.

She shares some ideas around mastering conferences in the future; consider how you position your events – the mood, the backdrop, and aim for a set up that allows for natural movement. Continue to exercise openness in the new environments we are in and allow for creativity to change any of the needs that arise from here. Lastly, remain genuine. Be yourself, be human, connect with others, be vulnerable and celebrate the wins – even in a digital, pandemic-emerging world.

Get your tickets for the Innovation in Speaking (UN)Conference from 9-12 April here!

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