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Nick van Breda; VR, XR and everything in between

The word ‘Avatar’ is shifting from only being known by movie buffs and gamers, and is now a term that conference and event goers will become familiar with too. The ability to create an animated version of yourself when attending virtual conferences is taking the world by storm. As online events evolve, more technology around improving the experience is being developed.

Nick van Breda, gaming addict turned social entrepreneur, works as an event organiser and public speaker, helping people translate their superpowers into creating extraordinary experiences and opportunities.

For Nick, 50% of his business comes from eventing and 25% through his speaking gigs, so when Covid hit, his business took a massive blow. Six opportunities he had lined up in the first few months of 2020, were cancelled and he had to make a decision – to reinvent his business and gain revenue elsewhere, or change the way he speaks and connects with his audience.

Nick’s natural gravitation to technology led him to launch and speak at the first complete VR TEDx edition. He reckons the shift coming to the digital event arena is one that we can’t imagine… Integrating an in-person and Avatar concept within events are becoming a popular attraction and a great way to encourage interaction. As a digital attendee you have the opportunity interact within a 3D environment at conferences, far out-waying the usual online model.

Looking to the future, Nick envisions events and conferences taking on a hybrid approach with in-person attendees, Avatars and holograms. In addition, technology is evolving to become more inclusive with 2D and 3D conferencing tech being available on smartphones and laptops. These allowing for greater reach to the generations in this new world of eventing, as well as more opportunity to connect and share stories with the audience.

Nick shares his knowledge in exponential technologies at this year’s Innovation in Speaking (UN)Conference. His topic ‘Do you speak VR?’ will unpack how he shifted his whole eventing business to XR (Extended Reality). From in-person to digital twin, he performs as an Avatar on various events and helps develop organizations into a digital twin. Nick coaches and supports international companies, organizations and event organizers into leveraging XR to become future-proof as well as time and place independent.

Get your tickets for the Innovation in Speaking (UN)Conference from 9-12 April here!

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