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Richard Midson: Unlocking the power of podcasting

For Richard Midson, a former news anchor, editor and journalist on UK news radio, public speaking became a personal accomplishment he wanted to achieve. Already very comfortable behind the mic, Richard says he learnt all the tricks to master the art of broadcasting with his years of work on the airwaves. However, what appeals to him now about public speaking is the fact that he can analyse his audience and tweak his approach based on the reactions he gets back from the listeners and share what he’s learnt over the year in broadcasting.

Richard notes that podcasting is not merely a mic and scripted affair, it’s a strategic tool that, if used correctly, can build your brand and deliver niche content. He anticipates that this industry will get better and better as people learn more, as technology develops and best practices continue to be created. The podcasting future is bright in a more remote world.

Richard shares his passion at this year’s Innovation in Speaking (UN)Conference. His topic ‘Take advantage of podcasting technology to promote your brand’ will explore the possibilities that podcasting provides speakers. Richard aims to share how the technology has evolved so that even the most tech challenged can make use of it. He will explore how speakers can take advantage this new opportunity available to them.

Richard has always believed that not enough people are getting their sto

ries across on old or new media and now helps people do that by sharing his experience of communication mediums and technology.

His tips for speakers pursuing podcasting opportunities are that although big broadcasting corporations are making it their agenda to absorb podcasting stories, don’t be perturbed by this. There is a massive gap for niche content. And then, when the time comes and you interview someone on your podcasts, make sure you listen you them, build that rapport that makes them feel comfortable to talk to you and guide them to tell their story. This is a great quality that will lead to authentic content.

Listen to Richard’s interview here and get your tickets for the Innovation in Speaking (UN)Conference from 9-12 April here!

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