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Tom Sligting

aka Tom Lightning

Tom has been on stage for more than twenty-five years as a comedian; he has made tailor-made shows for events, company meetings, and Government.

He has given more than four thousand performances. 

He has performed for the King of the Netherlands, flew to Afghanistan for a select show for the Army, and was the opening show for some famous singers, for example, Paul Anka.

Last six months, he developed himself as an online entertainment specialist. 

From his state-of-the-art Digital Studio, he can make tailor-made shows, host an event, or an Online Quiz with candidates 'live on camera' in the studio. 

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Indre Blauzdziunaite.jpeg

Indre Blauzdziunaite

Indre Blauzdziunaite has organized a number of new-wave conferences and events. She has transformed LOGIN, the largest tech conference in the Baltics, into an educational festival; she ran a think-tank of the tech influencers in the church; and helped to turn a 3-day virtual conference into an experience.

In this session, Indre will share examples of what’s meaningful to her generation and draw her framework for making conferences more human.

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Alan Stevens 08-2020 Col-44.jpeg

Alan Stevens

We've seen the future and it works

Alan Stevens is a reputation specialist and speaker coach based in London.

He has been speaking professionally for over 40 years, and is the founder of a large Facebook community devoted to remote speaking, which provides advice and support for over two thousand speakers delivering virtually.

He is the author of a number of books on communication, most recently The Exceptional Speaker, co-authored with Paul du Toit, which was published in a revised and expanded edition in March 2021.

Away from the stage and screen, he spends his time involved in music, running and enjoying fine food and wine, but not all at the same time.

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Karin Burger

Hybridization of events -

Do's, don'ts & FuckUps...

a gentle Piano Talk

Karin Burger gained experience in PR, marketing and sales in various companies. Since 2002, she is the owner of her successful speaker agency “team karin burger”, servicing companies, all kind of institutions and schools with brilliant events.  

She is also a devoted speakers coach and through her intense and very effective coaching-sessions many keynote speakers around the world found their place in the speaker-market.

After the “arrival of the virus” in Feb 2020, she ate a ton of chocolate - and then turned her speaker-bureau into a Full-Service-Hybrid-Event-Agency. Since then, she has realized about 40 different formats in S, M, L and XL and has become the architect of very emotional hybrid- and #pureonline-formats.

Her Motto: #managementBylove helped to achieve that.

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Hans actiefoto.jpg

Hans Janssen

Events Panel

Hans Janssen is the founder of DenkProducties, Holland’s leading seminar producer on Leadership, Influence and Personal Productivity.


Hans and his team are responsible for Holland’s number one leadership event of all times: MBA in one day.


And he did exclusive leadership seminars with Simon Sinek and President Barack Obama.


Hans has worked with a great diversity of speakers and will share his experiences.

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Suyin Aerts

Convention Impressario

As an ambitious MC, Suyin dares to look at things from a different angle and is able to take a virtual or real live event to a higher level.

During IIS21 Suyin is guiding the audience through the convention, giving direction and elevating what has been said.

Suyin saw many people on stage and is convinced that what we want in front of a camera are not 'speakers' any longer. We want human beings with captivating personalities, sharing their feelings, thoughts and inspiring ideas. In a way that ignites a spark insight the audience to do things differently.

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Chris Baldwin

Innovative KeyNote structure for maximum performance and influence

Chris Baldwin is fully committed to enabling you to build your influence & business through powerful speaking, presentations and pitching As the founder of, Chris is on a mission to awake your speaker and 10x your results.


Holding a PhD in Virology, he is a seasoned International keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur.

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Maria Franzoni

We've seen the future and it works

For 23 years Maria Franzoni has been booking thousands of speakers for corporate and business clients. Globally.

She has worked with the good and the great of the speaking world, including first man on the moon Neil Armstrong, Body shop founder and environmentalist Anita Roddick and business magnate Richard Branson.


In June 2020, having stabilised the business after the first 3 pandemic months, Maria split the bureau in two; with half the team supporting clients while she and the remaining half focused full time on helping speakers rebuild their speaking businesses.

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Rashad Rayford aka

Rashad Tha Poet

Poet wrap up

Rashad Rayford, aka Rashad Tha Poet, is an award-winning actor, poet, and speaker – and the NPR  

Rashad intuitively blends spoken word poetry, and inspirational speaking to help businesses tell more compelling and concise stories.

Rashads talk will be innovative in nature because it will be a summary of all the events that have taken place through-out the conference.

I will be blending business talk, innovation, and spoken word poetry and weaving them all together seamlessly.

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Christina Boutrup

Christina Boutrup is a leading China analyst, thought leader and keynote speaker.
As a journalist she travelled extensively in The Middle Kingdom and covered areas such as business, economy, environment and social issues for more than 15 years, hosting radio- and TV shows about China.


She interviewed Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma and closely followed the global expansion of Chinese companies authoring several books about business in China.

She has also been appointed to the China expert panel of the Danish government and is a widely used inter­national keynote speaker.




Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg is the author of What’s Your Problem? (Harvard Business Press, 2020), a book on how to solve the right problems. He is also the co-author (with Paddy Miller) of Innovation as Usual, a Harvard Business Review Press book on the art of driving innovation in regular organizations.

As an executive advisor and keynote speaker, Thomas has addressed organizations such as Cisco, Microsoft, Citigroup, Time Warner, AbbVie, Caterpillar, Amgen, Prudential, Union Pacific, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, the Wall Street Journal, and the United Nations.



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Markets / Business

Graeme Codrington 5.jpg

Graeme Codrington

Graeme Codrington is an expert on the future of work. And has a particular interest in disruptive forces changing how people live, work, interact and connect with each other.


Graeme is the co-founder and international director of TomorrowToday, a global firm of futurists and business strategists and also a guest lecturer at five top business schools. His breadth of knowledge and expertise make him highly relevant in today’s rapidly evolving business world.

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Dion Chang

The State We are IN

Dion Chang will make you think differently.


He is a strategic thinker, keynote speaker, 

a walking ideas bank and professional cage rattler.


He’s one of South Africa’s most respected trend analysts and founder of Flux Trends, 

which takes the unique view of

 “trends as business strategy”

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2013 Angela III.jpg

Angela de Souza

Stop running to the Well - Automate Your Processes

Angela's passion is to help people unleash their potential and the potential that lies within their business.


One of the ways she does this is through Metacognition, a methodology that sets true thought leaders apart from everyone else.


She is a prolific writer, author of many books with several more in progress. Each book offers a no-nonsense approach to business and life

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CRK 2.jpg

Christoph Kanzler

Innovation by simplifying

Talking People instead of Talking Finance

Christoph Kanzler is financial strategic visionary through and through. He was one of the first in Europe to deal with ETFs and evidence-based investment strategies as early as 2007. As a strategic visionary, he has created a new understanding of the topics of investing, saving and capital markets. He enables people & businesses to prosper. He is an advocate of business models in which people and customers are the focus. Profit must not be everything, but without profit everything is nothing. Der Kanzler is showing people their chances of profiting from their own investments speaks a language that emphasizes general comprehensibility and urgency. His goal is not only to impart knowledge, but above all to change the lives of his audience.

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Cynthia Bryant

Innovation from the inside: strengthen your senses to convey your message more inclusively

Attorney Cynthia Bryant earned her LLM in International Legal Studies in 2002.
This certified mediator, negotiator and Gallup Strengths Coach is driven to discover similarities among diverse groups. She, along with her third Seeing Eye dog, Summer, negotiate their days and bring life stories of diversity, equity, and inclusion to the innovation narrative.
Former Blacks in Government chapter president, board member of National Industries
for the Blind, and executive committee member of the Seeing Eye, Cynthia offers a
unique perspective on how to innovate through internal awareness and understanding of others using sensory mindfulness.

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Jara Pascual

Get into the Expert-Knowledge Economy and measure your Impact

Jara Pascual  is a Telecom Engineer with an MBA, author and entrepreneur centered around Innovation.


With Collabwith she founded and heads an online platform encouraging collaborations online and offline. 


As Board Member of the Forum Knowledge4Innovation her voice is heard regularly at the European Parliament. 

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Greg Ward-25.jpg

Greg Ward

Greg Ward is a professional MC, Speaker and Performer, based in Auckland, New Zealand, and is the President of the Professional Speakers Association of New Zealand.

He inspires audiences to live authentically and intentionally ‘in the moment’.


Since March 2020, he has forged a niche as an in-demand international virtual MC and speaker, turning his business model upside down, while creating online streaming productions for his clients.

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Markets Business Speakers
Market Speakers 2
Market speakers 3


Danish on stage.jpg

Danish Dhamani

Five NEW Tech Tools for

Your Speaker Tool Kit

Danish Dhamani is co-founder and CEO of Orai, a public speaking app that has helped over 300,000 people speak more clearly and confidently with AI feedback.


He is also a keynote speaker and a TEDx speaker coach.


Outside of work, he spends time cycling, playing squash, and trying very hard not to lose focus while meditating.


Danish’s three superpowers are - Strategy, Storytelling and Sleep!

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Anand Tamboli

Speaking Virtually? Remember the Triangle!

Anand is an entrepreneur, award-winning author, innovator, speaker, futurist, and highly sought after thought leader.


He helps people adapt, leverage technology, and transform with the power of creativity and innovation.

Anand specializes in areas that intersect with technology and people.


He is a creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and transformation specialist and is well-known for bringing ideas & strategies to life.


Being a polymath, Anand can often shed new light on a topic you think is "done to death."

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Arthur Goldstuck

The speaker of the future: how AI will remake you

Arthur has 30 years of experience in writing, researching and speaking on innovations and has been running World Wide Worx, South Africa’s leading independent technology research organisation. 


He weekly writes columns on technology trends for the South Africas  largest newspapers.

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Kevin Tadema

Kevin Tadema focusses on innovating through hologram technology with his company Holosolutions.


With his background in digital marketing he strives to make the Holobox a well known product.

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Dr. John B. Molidor, CSP

Dr. John B. Molidor, CSP comes to us from a family of 10 children where he says he learned first-hand about how brains work from sitting around the dining room table! 

He has a long-standing interest in the brain, how it impacts our behaviors, why people think the way they do, and what you can change about your emotions. He is a cognitive psychologist by training, an extrovert, a big-picture person, and a semi-structured kind of guy.

When he is not trying to figure out the universe, he can be found as the current President of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). Being fully vaccinated, he is ready to travel remotely to the Netherlands and share some of the ideas he has researched over the years, especially now as an Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine.


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Richard Midson

Take advantage of podcasting technology to promote your brand

Richard Midson works for, one of the world’s big website providers. There he advocates for podcasting and helps people set up podcast sites and projects.

He’s always believed that not enough people are getting their stories across on old or new media and now helps people do that by sharing his experience of communication mediums and technology.

Richard is a former news anchor, editor and journalist on UK news radio.

He also spent several years working in communications for the leader of the third-largest group in the European Parliament.

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Nick van Breda

Do you speak VR?

Nick turns people’s insecurities into their skills and live a life in abundance by leveraging exponential technologies. During the pandemic shifted his whole business to hosting in-person hackathons, startup festivals and innovation games - all XR powered. From in-person to Digital twin, he now performs as an avatar on various events and helps develop you and your organization into a digital twin. Nick helped launch and spoke on the first complete VR TEDx edition. Now he coaches and supports international companies and organizations and event organizers into leveraging XR to become Future Proof and time and place independent.

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Technology Speakers
Technology Speakers 2

Sound & Voice

Monika Hein Speaker 1.jpg

Dr. Monika Hein

How to effectively ruin your voice in your online meetings (not)

Dr. Monika Hein has been dedicated to the matter of voice since her teenage years: the functional training of her voice has made her curious about how the voice works, as far as writing a doctoral thesis about breathing in musical theater singers. But over the years, a second field has come up in her work: The voice as a part of empathy and self care. She is constantly asking: How can we make the world a better sounding place? In her talk, she will pick up on self care and voice in the online world. 

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Laxmi Easwaran

What leads to the greatest symphonies, speeches, stories and songs?


The power of performing and using our authentic voice is a life journey.


Let's dive and find out in a fun way on how to communicate and interact combining sound and voice with music and technology.

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Laura Baxter

Artificial Intelligence, Vocal Technique and Charisma: How to Use AI to Train Your Voice to be Flexible, Healthy and Charismatic

As a voice expert, Laura has been working with speakers on the development of their voice since 1985.


She has served on the voice faculty at Duke University in the USA, and the Friedrich-Alexander-University since 1999. In addition, as classical singer and speaker, she is constantly looking for ways to improve vocal training which will lead to faster and healthier results for her clients and students. She has been researching the use of AI in voice training and development and will be presenting her findings.

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Tom Profil.jpg

Tom Oswin Friedländer

Let your online-event shine! How to create an immersive experience for your audience

Tom Friedländer has been inspiring people with his passion for music for more than 20 years.

The trained Rock Pop & Jazz singer and pianist leads as a presenter refreshing and creative through your event. Hit hard by the pandemic, he was looking for solutions to continue working. 

Decided, together with "team karin burger", to go the way with hybrid events.

His experience as a streamer and gamer came in handy here and since 1 year he accompanies as a musician, presenter or sidekick.

Tom now shares his expertise of more than 40 hybrid-events in the last 12 months with you and gives you an insight into his

"new" everyday life.

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